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Your Client Experience


Thank you for considering a partnership with campusCATALYST, a student-run organization at the University of Chicago. Each quarter, we pair five undergraduate student analysts with a graduate mentor and a local nonprofit--that's you--to engage in a ten-week pro-bono consulting project. 

what we do

campusCATALYST engages top college undergraduates from all academic majors, backgrounds, and career aspirations. Participant selection is highly competitive with rigorous application requirements and complimentary academic coursework to promote high-performing and knowledgeable teams. campusCATALYST selects members who exemplify leadership, teamwork, and dedication to strengthening our communities.

our student analysts

campusCATALYST seeks a diverse group of individuals that are passionate about making an impact on their communities. Participants’ majors range from public policy to economics, from mathematics to sociology. In addition, these participants hold a diverse range of experiences to their teams, with internships at Obama for America and The Boston Consulting Group. Furthermore, as campusCATALYST alumni, student analysts bring their social entrepreneurship experience and passion for community development to premier organizations such as McKinsey & Company and Teach for America.

our Class

Undergraduate students enroll in the PBPL class “The Business of Nonprofits and the Evolving Social Sector” which is taught by Professor Christa Velasquez. Each class covers the fundamentals of nonprofit management and the basics of the consulting process. Other topics included are nonprofit financing and development, cross-sectoral leadership, measuring impact, and social entrepreneurship. Throughout the quarter, each analyst team conducts three required presentations. Consequently,  each team has the opportunity to introduce their nonprofit client and consulting project to the rest of the class.

Our mentors

campusCATALYST mentors are current MBA candidates with previous consulting experience. Coupled with their professional experience, these individuals demonstrate a sincere commitment to their communities and a strong belief in the necessity of corporate social responsibility. Mentors support and guide students as they adjust to the thought and decision structures utilized by consultants, as well as the way that these modes of thought and action are designed to produce measurable outputs for the partner nonprofit. Learn more about our current mentors here

our alumni

campusCATALYST alumni will go on to work in every sector around the globe. Given the opportunity for critical analysis of and experience within the nonprofit sector, alumni tell us they have gained strong problem-solving skills, honed their leadership styles and deepened their commitment to their communities, as well as to the greater social good. Regardless of sector, campusCATALYST alumni continue to devote their energies towards social entrepreneurship and community service, demonstrating the long lasting impact of their undergraduate civic involvement.